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New Technology at Phoenix Tattoo-removal Salons Erases Stubborn Ink

At 19, Phoenix resident Ryan O’Sullivan got a tattoo of a black and red star . . . on his lower back. “I got a tramp stamp, believe it or ...
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Roanoke Tattoo Artist Sues Macado’s for Copyright Infringement

Macado's is sandwiched between its marketing methods and a copyright infringement lawsuit. Roger LaDouceur is a tattoo artist and owner of Star ...
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I Got Inked by Rihanna’s Tattoo Artist

The plan is to meet artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy at his Lower East Side tattoo shop at 7 p.m., but at 7:05 pm I am still poking around on ...
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The Tattoos Eritreans Get Before They Leave for Europe

When photographer Ricci Shryock met up with a group of Eritrean migrants in Milan, she noticed they had one thing in common - most had tattoos. ...
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Is James Franco in Love with Emma Watson? the Story Behind That Strange Tattoo

If you’ve logged on to Instagram in the past 24 hours and you also follow Insta-provocateur James Franco, then you almost definitely noticed ...
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This Dad Let His Four-year-old Daughter Give Him a Tattoo

Okay, this dad is brave. Not only because he’s trusting his four-year-old daughter not to monumentally mess up, which is courageous in itself ...
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Birmingham Named Tattoo Capital of Uk, with Almost Half of Adults Getting Inked

Birmingham has been named as the tattoo capital of the UK - with almost half of adults having gone under the needle. A total of 48 per cent of ...
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Tattoo Artists Explain What You Need to Know Before Getting a Trendy ‘sacred Geometry’ Tattoo

Tattooing is an ancient art that goes back centuries, but trends come and go. One rising motif in the permanent-ink culture is sacred geometry. ...
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No So Magic! Alex Pettyfer Winces Dramatically As He Gets a Huge ‘tattoo’ to Promote His New Publishing Company

He just launched a publishing company on Monday, and he's already announced it's first book release. And Magic Mike heartthrob Alex Pettyfer, ...
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David Beckham Adds a Rose Tattoo to His Ever-growing Neck Ink

The 40-year-old soccer star’s (and model!) new neck tat is right above the tattoos dedicated to his four-year-old daughter, Harper. His wife, ...
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