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Photos: Clients Get Ink at Due South Tattoo Expo

As Due South Tattoo Expo entered its final day Sunday, many people from around the state walked through the doors to get ink done by their favorite ...
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Aberdeen Tattoo Studio Welcomes Japanese Artist

He taught himself how to tattoo in Japan and now he is to inspire ink lovers in Aberdeen. Nagasaki native Peco Matsuo will join the team at ...
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Ohio Ministry Helps Get Tattoo “brands” Replaced

COLUMBUS (AP) — A central Ohio ministry is helping women who were exploited rid themselves of unwanted reminders of their past lives. Surviv...
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Carlos Tevez Reveals Tattoo Which Covers Juventus Striker’s Whole Back As He Hails ‘magnificent’ New Body Ink on Twitter

The 30-year-old striker adds to his already impressive amount of ink as the back tattoo links to a sleeve which covers his right arm. Back in May, ...
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Meet the Artist Who Gives Woman with Down Syndrome a New Tattoo Every Week

Getting a free tattoo every week has brightened up the life of this woman and made her tattoo artist something of a hero. If you’re worried ...
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‘first’ Scottish Tattoo Artist Revealed

A snapshot of Scotland in 1925 has revealed details of the man who is thought to have opened the country's first tattoo parlour. The man, who ...
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Car Crashes Through Repair Shop and into Tattoo Parlor in Lacey

LACEY, Wash. -- A driver was hurt when his car went through a repair shop and crashed into an adjacent tattoo parlor in Lacey Tuesday evening. ...
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The Tattoo Taboo

Tattoos, at their most basic level, are a series of ink patterns under someone’s skin. Some people have them done at a parlour, some use needles ...
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‘the Revival’ of Borneo Tattoo Expo at Le’ Park

KUCHING: The 3rd Traditional Borneo Tattoo Expo Borneo 2014, themed ‘The Revival’ was officially launched — with a splash of ink and ritual ...
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Tattoo Art Flourishes in Ewing

EWING>> A great up and coming location and lack of competition is the reason why a local tattoo parlor’s business is flourishing, according to ...
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