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Tattoo artist asserts copyright over customers’ bodies

Solid Oak Sketches has filed copyright registrations in the tattoo designs that decorate the bodies of some of basketball's biggest stars (LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kenyon Martin, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, etc), and has sued Take-Two Software, maker of NBA 2K16 and other basketball video games, for reproducing tattoos as part of the likenesses of the players.
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Woman gets EastEnders tattoo of homeless Ian Beale but swears: ‘I’m not a weirdo’

A student who admits she is obsessed with Ian Beale ended up with a massive tattoo of him on her thigh. Amazingly, Amber-May Ellis, 21, doesn't regret getting the large inking of the EastEnders character's face.
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Tattoo tales: Politicians show off — and explain — their ink

With her chic style, purple-streaked hair and four-month-old daughter, Daphnee, toddling around in a playpen or hopping in a jolly jumper in her Hill office, MP Christine Moore, 32, is helping tear down the notion of the Old Boys’ Club ruling the halls of power.
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Electronic Tattoo Tracks Your Medical, Money Deets

Got a sick child? Give her a tattoo. A new skin-mounted electronic sticker called a Tech Tat under development at Chaotic Moon Studios will be one way to monitor health vitals and keep track of them on a phone app.
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Women urged to consider the risks before getting cosmetic tattoos

Australian women are being warned about the risks of permanent makeup as the craze sweeping Hollywood gathers momentum. Mary Malargic, 49, knows first-hand the horrors of botched cosmetic tattooing.
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Dustin Yip is one of the most respected tattoo artists in Artesia (OC West haha) these days, but the owner of Skanvas Tattoo started out from a garage not even a decade ago, making the same mistakes again and again and learning from no one but himself.
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No Pain, Just Artistic Gain at Brooklyn Temporary Tattoo Parlor

One shop in Brooklyn is giving New Yorkers the feel of a tattoo, without the pain or the commitment. Tattly Temporary Tattoo Parlor in Boerum Hill has the look and feel of an authentic tattoo shop, but the ink is not permanent.
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Is Blac Chyna Getting Future Tattoo Removed?

Blac Chyna shocked fans last year when she got her then rumored beau, Future’s name tattooed on her hand. But could it be the short-term romance is being erased forever?
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Lakers limit D’Angelo Russell’s PT for his own good, coach says

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- In response to recent criticism from Los Angeles Clippers television broadcasters, Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott defended his conservative approach with rookie point guard D'Angelo Russell's playing time this season, saying he is trying to help "protect" Russell from making too many mistakes.
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Fan bet on Patriots with Super Bowl 50 champion tattoo, says he has no regrets

He thought it was a sure thing, but now he has a tattoo declaring the Patriots won a game they never reached. Now, Burke O'Connell may need to wear long pants for life, or at least until he leaves Massachusetts.
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