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Tatt’s the Limit! Cody Simpson Adds to His Collection of Body Art with Third Inked Design… a Palm Tree Growing out of an Anchor

He was the Queensland teenager who jetted off to America to chase his dreams of becoming a singer. Now Cody Simpson is proving he isn't that ...
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Rotorua Tattoo Artist Not Your Average Father

Ink marks much of his skin, but the laughs of his six children mark his heart. Tattoo artist Trinity Ropiha is not what many would see as an ...
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The Moment a Rebellious Great-grandmother, 79, Went Missing from Her Care Home to Get Her First Tattoo

A rebellious great-grandmother left her son stunned when he discovered she was missing from her care home having fled unannounced to get her first ...
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Remember Man with ‘white’ Tattoo Who Shook Hillary’s Hand? Here’s What Was Inked on His Other Arm

The man with a “White” tattoo who was captured on camera shaking hands with Hillary Clinton this month said in a new interview Monday that he ...
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Some Up in Arms over Tattoo Rule

Should the visible presence of a tattoo keep an otherwise-qualified applicant from being hired for a job? That is a question now faced by Mount ...
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Watch Woman Get Viking Tattoo Burned into Her Arm at 500c in New ‘body Branding’ Craze

Tattoo enthusiasts are embracing a historic and altogether more extreme method of body marking - by burning their skin at 500C. Body ...
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Milford Tattoo Gallery Celebrates Grand Opening on Saturday

When Tom Hagle is tattooing a client, his 5-year-old daughter, Parker, likes to imitate her dad — using a motorized pen to give her younger ...
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New Haven Tattoo Shop Owner Sees His Craft As an Evolving Art

NEW HAVEN >> Joe Capobianco has been tattooing for more than 22 years, has been the face of a television show and has had his work featured in ...
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Nicole Richies Tattoo Regret! “i Was an Idiot”

The 33 year old mother and fashionista recently looked back to her days as a 20 something socialite and admitted the thing she’s ashamed of the ...
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Panhandle Tattoo Artist Headed to National Tv

FORT WALTON BEACH-- The Panhandle is home to one of the country's top tattoo artists, and he's appearing on Spike TV's upcoming season of "Ink ...
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