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Dustin Yip is one of the most respected tattoo artists in Artesia (OC West haha) these days, but the owner of Skanvas Tattoo started out from a garage not even a decade ago, making the same mistakes again and again and learning from no one but himself.
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No Pain, Just Artistic Gain at Brooklyn Temporary Tattoo Parlor

One shop in Brooklyn is giving New Yorkers the feel of a tattoo, without the pain or the commitment. Tattly Temporary Tattoo Parlor in Boerum Hill has the look and feel of an authentic tattoo shop, but the ink is not permanent.
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Is Blac Chyna Getting Future Tattoo Removed?

Blac Chyna shocked fans last year when she got her then rumored beau, Future’s name tattooed on her hand. But could it be the short-term romance is being erased forever?
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Lakers limit D’Angelo Russell’s PT for his own good, coach says

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- In response to recent criticism from Los Angeles Clippers television broadcasters, Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott defended his conservative approach with rookie point guard D'Angelo Russell's playing time this season, saying he is trying to help "protect" Russell from making too many mistakes.
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Fan bet on Patriots with Super Bowl 50 champion tattoo, says he has no regrets

He thought it was a sure thing, but now he has a tattoo declaring the Patriots won a game they never reached. Now, Burke O'Connell may need to wear long pants for life, or at least until he leaves Massachusetts.
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IndyCar:  Dec 22 Pre Season Studio Shoot

Tony Kanaan’s 12-hour tattoo displays ‘most important things’

The tattoo process took 12 hours, much longer than most races, but former Indianapolis 500 champion Tony Kanaan said it was more than worth the time. Kanaan displayed a photograph of his newest tattoo — an intricate inking that covers much of his right arm — on his Instagram account.
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Arkansas teen turned away from Marines for Confederate Flag tattoo

An Arkansas teen who has dreamed for years of joining the Marines has been turned away due to a tattoo.
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Man With Vacuum-Cleaner Crotch Tattoo Somehow Still Single

With his well-trimmed beard and steely gaze, 21-year-old Lewis Flint would be considered by many women to be a catch. That is, if he didn't have that pesky vacuum-cleaner tattoo in the crotchal region.
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NYC tattoo artist accused of sexually abusing customer hopes photos will prove his innocence

Photos may clear NYC tattoo artist of sex abuse. A Manhattan tattoo artist charged with sexually abusing a customer is hoping photographs of his work will help clear him.
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Soulja Boy Says Goodbye to the Gucci Logo Tattoo on His Forehead

Soulja Boy is striving to be a better person, at least that’s his plan according to Vine. And the first stop on the road to betterment is not in ...
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