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Minnesota’s female tattoo artists are making their mark

Hopping up from the tattoo chair and onto her leather wedge heels, bodybuilder and bartender Abbey Harris admired her latest life commitment: a bumblebee-yellow daisy sprouting up her hipbones.
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The Worst Tattoos Ever — According To Tattoo Artists On Reddit

Body ink can be beautiful, meaningful, or just plain fun (or all three!). But at the end of the day, if you're getting a tattoo, you want something you'll always love. It is fairly permanent, after all.
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These colors don’t run: getting tattooed at Star Wars Celebration

You know the old saying: if you love something, ink it permanently on your skin. At the Star Wars Celebration convention in London this year, fans of the franchise lived up to these wise words, queueing for tattoos of droids, Jedi, and Sith Lords alike. Amongst the stands hawking T-shirts and toys, more than a dozen tattoo artists from around the world turned up to ink the crowds. Although most of them were fully booked up before the convention's doors even opened, cruising their makeshift tattoo parlors made for a compelling spectator sport — even if it was a little bloody for some tastes.
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Tattoo Fixers on Holiday has ‘more willy tattoos’ after taking show abroad to uncover Mediterranean monstrosities

Joined by receptionist Paisley, Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, sees tattooists Jay, Sketch and Alice get to the bottom of why they are more naughty tats this series
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