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Starbucks may lift workers’ visible tattoo ban

Starbucks is reviewing its strict rule of no visible tattoos for its employees. Not only is it taking a second look at tattoos, it's going over ...
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Woman Starts Anti-Tattoo Website & Makes a Lot of People REALLY Angry

As wildly popular as they seem to be these days, tattoos definitely get under some people's skin (LOL!). One anti-ink activist (who knew there ...
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Dad to remove Twin Towers tattoo tribute after being branded ‘suicide bomber’ and arrested over terror fears

A dad is having his Twin Towers tattoo removed after he was arrested as a terror suspect, forced to change his name, flee his home town and ...
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Workplace tattoo taboos fading

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Hints of a tattoo peeked from beneath the sleeve of a plaid button-down shirt – casual work attire for Richard Bailey, 45. ...
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Medford tattoo removal program offers fresh start

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — When she was 15 years old, Seralynn Neal, an aspiring tattoo and piercing artist, ordered a do-it-yourself tattoo kit on ...
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James Franco Sports Elizabeth Taylor And Montgomery Clift Tattoo On The Back Of His Shaved Head For New Film Role… As He Displays A Fuller Physique During Shirtless Boat Ride

He's never been afraid to make bold decisions during his career, but now James Franco is taking his dedication to his craft to a whole new level....
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Our Body Is A Canvas Waiting To Be Painted

the story behind the art
I think that behind a tattoo there is always a story. that is both beautiful and ugly each affects its own memory. Our body is a canvas waiting to be painted
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Allen West Gets ‘Come And Take It’ Gun Rights Tattoo

Conservative political commentator and former Florida Congressman Allen West has made his gun rights stance permanent with a new tattoo. Aces ...
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Honduran Experts Decode The Hidden Meanings Behind Gang Tattoos

It’s an image ingrained in the culture of both the United States and countries throughout Central America: the heavily-tattooed, ruthless gang ...
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Inked Out – SallyAnn Salsano – The Queen Of ‘Tattoo Nightmares’

A reality TV artist who’s been in the middle of reality TV controversy for many years as the executive producer of MTV’s Jersey Shore and ...
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