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Medford tattoo removal program offers fresh start

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — When she was 15 years old, Seralynn Neal, an aspiring tattoo and piercing artist, ordered a do-it-yourself tattoo kit on ...
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James Franco Sports Elizabeth Taylor And Montgomery Clift Tattoo On The Back Of His Shaved Head For New Film Role… As He Displays A Fuller Physique During Shirtless Boat Ride

He's never been afraid to make bold decisions during his career, but now James Franco is taking his dedication to his craft to a whole new level....
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Our Body Is A Canvas Waiting To Be Painted

the story behind the art
I think that behind a tattoo there is always a story. that is both beautiful and ugly each affects its own memory. Our body is a canvas waiting to be painted
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Allen West Gets ‘Come And Take It’ Gun Rights Tattoo

Conservative political commentator and former Florida Congressman Allen West has made his gun rights stance permanent with a new tattoo. Aces ...
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Honduran Experts Decode The Hidden Meanings Behind Gang Tattoos

It’s an image ingrained in the culture of both the United States and countries throughout Central America: the heavily-tattooed, ruthless gang ...
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Inked Out – SallyAnn Salsano – The Queen Of ‘Tattoo Nightmares’

A reality TV artist who’s been in the middle of reality TV controversy for many years as the executive producer of MTV’s Jersey Shore and ...
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Artist, Musician Travels Across America, Explores Tattoo Culture

For Pete Armour, also known as indie rocker and artist Tattoo Money, tattoos are not just ink on skin. An advocate of tattoo culture, Money ...
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Reanna Pfeiffer




22 years old; My oldest daughters name


I broke my neck in 2 places & back in 4 places in a car accident in '07

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Artists Work Their Magic on Offensive, Ugly Ink on Tattoo Nightmares: Miami

Think back to summer 2005, when the notion of tattoo reality television was a novelty with the smash hit Miami Ink. Since then, artist and reality ...
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Boston Tattoo Convention.

Gettin’ Inked: Scenes From the 2014 Boston Tattoo Convention

Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but those who love tattoos really love tattoos. This was one of many things made obvious during our visit to the ...
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