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Brazil Tattoo Conventi(6) (2)

Gallery: Brazil Tattoo Convention

Tattoo artists from Brazil and around the world gathered for the annual three day convention. gallery
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People Buzzing over Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival

AUSTIN -- Thousands are expected to attend the 13th annual Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival happening in Austin this weekend. Tattoos are a ...
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Why Would Anyone Want an Eyeball Tattoo?

The sentencing of a convicted criminal with an eyeball tattoo in an Alaskan court has drawn attention to an unusual form of facial decoration - one ...
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Here’s a Dude Who Tattooed Tom Brady’s Name on the Inside of His Lip

It’s just two days before the AFC Championship, and Pats fan Johnny Nichols has the right idea. The 21-year-old from Waltham got “Tom Brady” ...
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Woman Uses Paramedical Tattooing to Hide Burns and Scars

Woman Uses Paramedical Tattooing to Hide Burns and Scars

Basma Hameed may not look like your typical tattoo artist, but that's because her ink-driven cause is anything but ordinary. After suffering ...
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Romney Face Tattoo Guy Says He’s Not Supporting Romney in 2016

The Indiana man who had the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign logo tattooed on his face in October 2012 will not support Romney this time around. When ...
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Fan Gets Tattoo of Jordan’s Dunk Face

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. – Some people will never forget DeAndre Jordan’s posterizing dunk over Brandon Knight. For devoted Clippers fan Darrell ...
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In Iraq, Ex-interpreter Makes His Mark As Tattoo Artist

The short, chubby Iraqi interpreter watched as the massively biceped American soldiers he worked for shot hoops during their breaks from guarding ...
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Dc Tattoo Expo in Arlington

Here’s hoping the heat is cranked up at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington next weekend by the time the DC Tattoo Expo gets underway. This ...
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Military Tattoos Evolve into Tributes in South Jersey

Andrew Einstein did what a lot of leathernecks do immediately after surviving Marine boot camp. He got a tattoo. It would not be the only ...
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