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Kelly Osbourne Honors Joan Rivers with a Tattoo

When Joan Rivers died last month, her "Fashion Police" co-host Kelly Osbourne was devastated. Now, she's done something to memorialize her late ...
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Caught on Video: Kat Von D Attacks Cbs2 News Camera After Fire at Weho Tattoo Shop

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( — Kat Von D Thursday attacked at CBS2/KCAL9 news crew after a fire damaged her famous West Hollywood tattoo ...
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Robin Williams’ Daughter Gets Tattoo Tribute

Robin Williams' daughter chose a hummingbird to honor her late father. "For poppo," wrote Zelda Williams on her Instagram account Wednesday, ...
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Rebecca Richardson




18 years old; A tribel sun :)


That I have written a book about sex.

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What Tattoos Tell Us About the Economy

Tattoos have long since become commonplace in the U.S.: Forty percent of households now include someone with one, according to a recent survey, up ...
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Tattoo Project Wins Council Arts Grant

Is tattooing the new graffiti? A woman has won a coveted City of Melbourne arts grant to document and present an epic tattoo on her back as ...
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Edmonton Woman’s Tattoo Petition Gaining Ground

An Edmonton woman is advocating for Ottawa and Canadian employers to make it illegal to discriminate potential employees because of body modifica...
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*EXCLUSIVE* Nick Cannon displays his Mariah tattoo cover up job

Nick Cannon Debuts Confusing Cover-up Tattoo

Nick Cannon showed off his new cover-up tattoo Sunday in Studio City ... and it's perplexing. Cannon hit up the gym ... and on the way out we ...
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New App Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Find Tattoo to Hide Mastectomy Scars, an organization that assists breast cancer survivors, has kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a new tattoo app designed to help ...
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The Day My Mind Changed to Get a Tattoo

the story behind the art
I am a true believer of the bible and God and believe our body is a temple of God. Growing up in church I was taught never to mark my body. But the day I gave birth to my first daughter I believed she had the right to be on my body. The pain and labor I went thru justified it. The pain of my children making it all worth it because they mean so much to me. They are My Life, My Love, My Everything. Till this day the only tattoo I have. Finally just updated it since my first daughter was born in 2000 adding my second daughter and my godson because he is also My Life, Love, and Everything.
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