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Tattoos, braille and extroverts: What ‘diversity’ means today

Today, "diversity" includes people's differences you can't see, the differences underneath the skin, the things that make us distinct as people. ...
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Munson: Tattoos are reminder of musical inspirations

NORTH LIBERTY, Ia. – Stingray was happy that a photographer and I were there to distract his fidgety client from the nagging pain that ...
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Riverbank weighs moratorium on new tattoo shops

RIVERBANK — City leaders will consider a moratorium on new tattoo shops because they can breed gangs, crime and infectious disease, according to ...
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Miley Cyrus Is Itching To Give You A Tattoo, But You Probably Shouldn’t Let Her

Miley Cyrus is tattooing people for $10,000. The first time I saw that I thought, “Well, maybe I’d let Miley Cyrus tattoo me for $10,000, if I ...
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‘Dream Big Be Unrealistic': David Beckham unveils new Jay Z inspired tattoo on his hand

He already has an extensive tattoo collection. But on Tuesday, global superstar David Beckham unveiled his latest inking at the book signing ...
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Covering up! Melanie Griffith conceals fading ‘Antonio’ tattoo with a white bandage as she touches down at LAX

She is single for the first time in 18 years as she recently split with husband Antonio Banderas. And Melanie Griffith seems to think the best ...
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‘Inked Out’ tattoo convention makes its mark at Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus

The "Inked Out New Jersey" tattoo convention returned to the Meadowlands Expo Center tonight, featuring some of the world's top tattoo artists ...
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Starbucks may lift workers’ visible tattoo ban

Starbucks is reviewing its strict rule of no visible tattoos for its employees. Not only is it taking a second look at tattoos, it's going over ...
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Woman Starts Anti-Tattoo Website & Makes a Lot of People REALLY Angry

As wildly popular as they seem to be these days, tattoos definitely get under some people's skin (LOL!). One anti-ink activist (who knew there ...
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Dad to remove Twin Towers tattoo tribute after being branded ‘suicide bomber’ and arrested over terror fears

A dad is having his Twin Towers tattoo removed after he was arrested as a terror suspect, forced to change his name, flee his home town and ...
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