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Want Hair? Scalp Aesthetics Will Tattoo It on

D.J. Capiello was flat on his back getting stuck by a small needle — over and over again. The 29-year-old Irondequoit man was getting a ...
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18 Shocking but Incredibly Beautiful 3d Tattoos

When you think of tattoos, you probably immediately think of the typical choices: a cross, a Chinese symbol or a heart with a name on it. Maybe ...
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Man Feels Misled, Frustrated That Tattoos Cost Him Job

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A man is left confused and frustrated after he feels he was denied a job based on his tattoos. Bill Roach ...
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Check out This 81-year-old Woman’s ‘hardcore’ Tattoos

EDGEWATER — On her 75th birthday, Helen Lambin celebrated at a place she'd never been before: a tattoo parlor. Now, a half-dozen years and ...
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Flowering into Adulthood in the Tattoo Industry

the story behind the art
I grew up in a tattoo studio. The very first one in the state of WV. My father was the very first Tattoo Artist (Youngen Swiger) and my mother was the very first Body Piercer (Lynn Hallinan) in the state. From the time I was able to draw I was always drawing on my barbie dolls. When my mom would ask what I was doing I would always say tattooing. I knew as a small child I would one day be covered in ink. I received my very first tattoo, my ...
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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt: I Don’t Want My Daughters to Get Tattoos

Watch the latest video at Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt does not want their kids to adopt their love of tattoos. In fact, ...
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Fort Smith Man Suspected of Running Home Tattoo Operation

Fort Smith police on Thursday arrested a man accused of operating a tattoo parlor out of his home. Jeffrey Doyle Dorsey, 38, was arrested on ...
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Photos: Clients Get Ink at Due South Tattoo Expo

As Due South Tattoo Expo entered its final day Sunday, many people from around the state walked through the doors to get ink done by their favorite ...
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Aberdeen Tattoo Studio Welcomes Japanese Artist

He taught himself how to tattoo in Japan and now he is to inspire ink lovers in Aberdeen. Nagasaki native Peco Matsuo will join the team at ...
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Ohio Ministry Helps Get Tattoo “brands” Replaced

COLUMBUS (AP) — A central Ohio ministry is helping women who were exploited rid themselves of unwanted reminders of their past lives. Surviv...
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